Speed & Agility Camps

Did you know that 70% of all knee injuries are from NON CONTACT PLAYS, this means that MOST kids do not know the proper way to accelerate, decelerate and change direction to avoid injury. It’s time to get ready for the upcoming Spring Seasons. Don’t miss out, Excel is constantly having Speed & Agility Camps, check below for the next one. 

Excel has a 100% success rate in improving every athletes speed & agility. We test the athletes speed in the 30 yard dash (60yd shuttle at Dardenne Prairie), change of direction in the 60 yard shuttle and and overall agility in the “T” test on the first session and then again on the last. In this camp we go over the technique for linear and lateral sprinting, lateral cutting as well as technique for accelerating and decelerating in order to make efficient weight transfer when making lateral movements and help in injury prevention. This camp will help ALL athletes improve their technique to become better in their sport. We spend each session working on drills and techniques to improve linear and lateral speed and acceleration and deceleration. Your son or daughter WILL improve! Open to anyone ages 9 to Pros.

THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR SPEED! Each camp lasts either 4 two hour sessions or 8 one hours sessions. The cost is ONLY $106.87. Please contact Excel Training at 636-926-3277 or click below to enoll your child.

CLICK BELOW TO SIGN UP FOR THE NEXT SPEED & AGILITY CAMP – This camp only available at Mid Rivers Location

  SAC June 1 2015