Excel Elite Program

Excel Elite Training is the most Comprehensive, Challenging and Exclusive Sports Training Program ever in St. Louis.  It is a program designed around training Junior High, High School and College athletes to prepare for the next level.

Excel Elite is a program designed for upper level athletes in all sports. The athletes will be trained by a mix of World Class Speed & Agility Coaches, Strength and Conditioning Specialists as well as Professional Athletes of various sports.

Training sessions consist of speed & agility training including linear and lateral acceleration and deceleration techniques, bounding & plyometrics, power training, power lifting and core conditioning training. This is the same training that we put our professional athletes through. Athletes will receive expert advice on pre-game preparation, post-workout recovery, nutrition and Sports Psychology.  (If you are a professional athlete interested in our training please contact Excel below). 

Excel Elite Training Times-

  • call for more info and available times 636-625-3100

The cost for this training is $250/month.

We would like to get you in for a FREE trial with our Elite Program to see if you qualify for this training. We are currently training two first team all-state football athletes (one as a defensive back the other as a running back) and several all-conference athletes. 

Please give us call at (636) 625-3100 or reply back below to schedule your FREE Trial or to get more information.