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Excel’s Sports Fitness Training programs are geared towards the speed, strength, power, agility, lateral movement, quickness and mental preparation that is needed to a build a complete athlete in any sport. Our Sports Fitness Programs start at age 9 and go all the way up to Professional Athletes.

The best way to find out if Excel’s Sports Fitness Training is for you is to click above or below and schedule a FREE Sports Fitness Trial to see for yourself how we make better athletes. CLICK HERE to watch a preview of some of the training that we do with our athletes.

The mission of Excel ‘s Sports Fitness Training workouts are to provide an elite level environment through coaching, fitness, and performance to empower athletes to reach their ultimate potential. The building blocks to success at Excel Training are built on the principles of Motivation, Dedication, Determination, and Discipline.

All of our Sports Fitness Training sessions teach you how to run, jump, cut, properly lift weights and mentally prepare to become a superior athlete.

Since most of the athletes have not done this type of sports training before we introduce them to the overall strength, techniques and fitness skills that are required to become a better athlete. We feel that in order to excel in any sport you have to build the foundation first then apply the sport specific techniques. Each individual athlete gets personal attention and motivation and walks away from each training session exhilarated and exhausted. We STRESS a positive attitude and FUN environment. Everyone works hard but has a great time doing it.

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